FIJI raises $23,356 for the American Cancer Society

FIJI raised $23,356 this year for the American Cancer Society. To learn more about our philanthropy event, The Rivalry Run, visit: Thanks to everyone who contributed to ... Read More

FIJI raises $2,348 for the American Cancer Society with Bar Night

3/14/2013 - FIJI teamed up with the second half of the Jefferson Duo, Phi Kappa Psi, and hosted a philanthropy event at Scorekeepers Bar and Grille in Ann Arbor this past Wednesday (3/13). We raised ... Read More

FIJI wins Winterfest

2/19/2013 - FIJI won Wintefest, a fraternity-wide broomball tournament hosted at Psi U this past Saturday. FIJI defeated SAE, ZBT, and Phi Psi to make it to the finals against Psi U, whom we defeated ... Read More

FIJI plays in the Michigan Mud Bowl

11/15/2012 - FIJI made it to the Mud Bowl this year against SAE after defeating TDX, Phi Psi, Phi Delt, and AEPi in the preliminary games. Despite a 30-12 SAE victory, FIJI is optimistic about its ... Read More